As a child, we all loved to play peek-a-boo along with our friends and family. But have you ever wondered that life also plays this game with us. Here we are supposed to find hidden meanings of life while unraveling the choices that define our path to success, happiness, and peace.

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It’s OK to be NOT OK!

It’s ok to fall, because the deeper we fall the farthest we bounce back…It’s ok to be afraid, because the more someone or something frightens us sooner or later those fears disappear…It’s ok to have flaws, because only those flaws can make you unique…It’s ok to love yourself, because that’s how we learn to loveContinue reading “It’s OK to be NOT OK!”

Innocent Friendship!

One bright sunny day, as soon as the recess bell rang the silent corridors turned into playground. Everyone started to grab their tiffin boxes and gradually formed their groups to sit at different places where together they can laugh, talk, eat each other’s meal before any wanderer comes to finish the tasty dishes…ooh yes weContinue reading “Innocent Friendship!”

Unbroken Promises!

As a child, she promised to be a good girl. Little did she realized what promises actually meant to her family and relatives. She was supposed to be a girl who always smiled and bowed to anyone she meets. A girl who respects everyone.  A girl who must not speak loudly or laugh too muchContinue reading “Unbroken Promises!”

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